Get to know me

Montage Imagery is the brainchild of Andrew Jones, a creative pro with over 30 years in the entertainment, videography, and photography scenes. Andrew received a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication and Design from the University of Newcastle, and he's spent decades perfecting his craft. He creates everything from stunning prints that look great on any wall to custom magazines that tell your unique story. Andrew's also a whiz at photo restorations, preserving precious memories for future generations. With Montage Imagery, you're getting the talent and dedication of a true artist.

Mi mission

I'm all about changing how we see the images we create together through print. I want my clients to feel that rush of memories from a specific moment frozen in time, perfectly captured by my camera and then brought to life in print. My goal is to create a deep bond between the viewer and the photo, letting them dive into nostalgia and really feel the emotions of that exact moment.

Mi vision

We live in a world that's overflowing with digital photos of ourselves, our family, our friends, and our life's adventures. There are so many of these images that they lose their impact and emotional value, just sitting there in the digital space, forgotten and unseen. What I want to do is bring those special moments back to life by turning them into physical prints. This way, we can relive those cherished memories whenever we walk by and see the actual photos. My goal is to rekindle the feelings and nostalgia tied to each picture, keeping a continuous connection between the present and the past.