Get to know me

Montage Imagery is the artistic venture of Andrew Jones, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the entertainment, videography, and photography industries. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication and design from the University of Newcastle, Jones has honed his skills to create a diverse range of visually captivating imagery. From exquisite prints that can be proudly displayed on any wall to personalised magazines that tell your unique story, his expertise knows no bounds. Additionally, Jones specialises in photo restorations, ensuring that our precious visual histories are preserved and passed down for generations to come. With Montage Imagery, you can trust in the expertise and dedication of a true creative professional.

My mission

My objective is to change the way we perceive the visual imagery we create collectively by means of print. I aspire for my clients to rekindle the sentiment and recollection of a particular moment suspended in time, meticulously captured through my camera lens and subsequently showcased in a tangible format. Through my artistry, I seek to evoke a profound connection between the viewer and the image, enabling them to delve into the nostalgia and experience the emotions associated with that precise moment in time.

My vision

We currently reside in a society that is inundated with digital depictions of ourselves, our loved ones, our acquaintances, and our life journeys. The sheer abundance of these images has resulted in a decrease in their impact and sentimental value, as they linger in the virtual realm, often forgotten and unseen. My aspiration is to revive the essence of these precious moments by transforming them into tangible prints. By doing so, we can perpetually relive those cherished instances whenever we pass by and catch a glimpse of the physical imagery. I endeavour to reignite the emotions and nostalgia associated with each image, fostering a continuous connection between the present and the past.

Winter at Merewether - Montage Imagery